Lyndsey Browning

About Me

My name is Lyndsey and I'm a Software Developer. I develop using C#, JavaScript/jQuery and HTML/CSS/SCSS.

Over the last few years I've taken a great interest in JavaScript. I've had a peek at where the industry is headed and I'm loving it.

Most of my free time is spent learning as much JavaScript as I can; I enjoy coming up with project ideas that will enhance my skillset.

When I'm not learning, I enjoy playing mobile word games.

I've been a fan of word games for over 14 years and I'm quite the competitive player, see me in action!

Games I have written

Wordscrambler is pure JavaScript, built as an exericse to learn the basics of the language. Credit to the talented Teodora for the amazing design work.

The majority of the Blocks codebase is vanilla JavaScript, with some jQuery added in for AJAX calls. I use a small bit of PHP to submit scores and display the leaderboard.