Current Project:

On Day 15, I’d successfully wrote some tests with Supertest, Mocha and Chai.

My plan for today was to start writing more tests. However, I realised that it probably wouldn’t be wise to keep all tests in one file. It could become a nightmare to maintain as the system grows.

I also thought it would be better to keep the API tests away from the unit tests. So I created one main file that would import all tests from the api folder:


import fs from 'fs';
import request from 'supertest';
import { expect } from 'chai';
import app from '../src/index';

const api = `${__dirname}/api/`;
const tests = fs.readdirSync(api);

tests.forEach((test) => {
  require(`./api/${test}`)(request, expect, app);

I’ve used the fs module which reads all files from the api directory and passes the request, expect and app modules to each so that they don’t have to be imported every time in each file.

The test files themselves simply need to export the tests they are describing:


module.exports = function(request, expect, app) {
  describe('GET /api/valid/:word', () => {
    it('should return a 404 status when no word is passed', (done) => {
        .expect(404, done);

    // etc...

This approach allows me to create as many test files inside the api directory as I’d like with only one instance of my test modules that are passed into each test.

To view the whole directory setup, please click here.

On Day 17, I plan on continuing to add more API tests.

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